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Component Technology and Technical Skills

Course Code APSO-114
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course is designed to provide the apprentice with both a fundamental interpretation and basic standards of industry and ministry accepted definitions of component technology and the technical nuances of motive power vehicles. It will provide the apprentice with a general insight into the operation and intricacies of components and systems. This course will also provide the apprentice with information as to the components location, interrelationship to other parts, as well as their purpose and function. Both theoretical and practical instruction are utilized to aid the apprentice in becoming aware of the following subject areas: suspension systems, diagnostic test equipment, battery fundamentals, electrical/electronic components, electrical fundamentals, electromagnetic devices fundamentals, electronic fundamentals, bearings, seals and sealants, air-conditioning, heating and ventilation and body and trim components. Methods of instruction will include class lectures, discussions, lab work and practical work assignments.