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Computer Hardware & Networks

Course Code ETEC-116
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week 4
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course is offered as a common course in the first semester of the Electronics Engineering programs. Students attend four hours of class per week: two hours of theory and two hours of lab. The PC Hardware portion of the course will introduce students to the basics of personal computer hardware. Students will install, configure and troubleshoot various types of hardware on a Pentium 4-class “sandbox” computer. These hands-on lab experiments will provide students with the understanding of the internal workings of a contemporary PC and the most common peripheral devices attached to it.

The second part of the course covers the fundamentals of network technologies and architectures. The theory classes introduce the infrastructures behind local area networks (LANs) and the various ways to configure these LANs. Overview of the basic differences between LANs and WANs is also studied. The lab classes introduce students to the
hands-on techniques to install, configure and troubleshoot wired as well as wireless network environments.

Analogies will be used throughout the course to compare computer components with real life objects and situations.