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Concepts in Social Science

Course Code GS-170
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course is called Concepts in Social Science because its main objective is to help students develop their ability to think conceptually - that is, the ability to grasp abstract ideas and to relate these various ideas to each other and to everyday reality. It is called Concepts in Social Science because the ideas and theories it will present to you are drawn from the social sciences; mainly psychology, sociology and political science. These theories will be used to explore a number of topics which are linked by a common theme. That theme, the central focus of the course is the formation and development of individual identity - your individual identity. During this exploration you will not be required to embrace the various ideas presented by the course, but you will be asked to understand them and to use them, to critically examine some of the ideas and beliefs you currently hold about yourself and the world.