Control Networks

Course Code CTEC-222
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Course Availability: Open
Description: In Control Networks, students will learn and discuss embedded control network interfaces and protocols typically found in aerospace, military, automobiles, appliances, factory floor, home automation, security and fire prevention systems, traffic light controls, city lighting systems, and other applications that utilize sensors and actuators. Embedded control networks vary enormously in the number of nodes (from three to thousands) and complexity. Unlike networks that people use to communicate with each other, embedded control networks tend to be out of our sight. In the future, control networks are expected to become an important aspect of what is sometimes called ubiquitous or pervasive computing.

The idea of having all our embedded devices accessible via the Internet is tempting for many embedded applications. However, Internet access does not solve the real communication requirements often set within the embedded device or system. The requirements for more internal communication comes from another trend; this being the addition of more intelligence. The side effect of this trend is the need for more communication between I/O points or distributed embedded control systems.

The topics of study in CTEC222 shall include: networking with RS232/422/423/485, 20mA current loop, industrial buses such as Fieldbus, Profibus, Modbus, DeviceNet, LonWorks, MOST, Controller Area Network (CAN / CANOpen), industrial Ethernet networks and Power over Ethernet (POE).