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Culture and Heritage Management Essentials

Course Code CHSM-701
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Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: Providing a framework for understanding the organizational and management singularities of the not-for-profit and public sector culture and heritage organization(s) is the crux of this course; theory and practice will facilitate the development of the basic skill set required by the generalist practitioner administering the day-to-day operations of the gamut of sector establishments and venues. A brief introduction to the history and typology of museums will provide an entrée to surveying a variety of single and multipurpose facilities with respect to managing, financing and booking policies; leases, contracts and related facility uses/users; corporate participation; boutiques, restaurants, concessions and other ancillary revenue sources. Issues of sustainability and ethics will be examined. Local, national and international cases will be used to illustrate the aspects of the course.