Developing Partnerships

Course Code ECEP-214
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course will continue to build on the partnership skills students began to develop in ECEP-124 Understanding Families. It will explore more of the strengths, experiences and challenges parents bring to the partnership with ECE's in the caregiving setting, and will examine some of the issues and processes families experience in the broader context of the community. These include examining the various ways in which parents can be involved in the childcare centre, examining the dynamics of the care giving setting from the parental point of view, evaluating the centre's parental program, and developing a basic understanding of the dynamics of the referral processes and support systems available to parents in the community. As well it will help students develop skills necessary to support parents in the decision making process regarding their child's care and education, and to develop skills in problem solving and in resolving conflicts and tensions in the childcare setting in a manner that is respectful of the key people involved in the child’s life.