Dimensions of Tourism

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Description: Tourism is Canada's second largest industry and globally represents a potent economic activity. The World Travel and Tourism Council through Oxford Economic Forecasting projects that by the year 2011, Tourism will constitute 11per cent of global G.D.P. supporting over 260 million employees worldwide - that's 1 job in every 11.
The Tourism Industry is actually a number of diverse industries that are interrelated by virtue of the complementarities of their respective services. It is this synergy that has been dubbed Tourism and that has experienced such phenomenal growth over the past half-century. Tourism has both a supply side - suppliers of tourism-related services - and a demand side - overnight and same-day visitors. This course will provide an introduction to the various facets that come under the "Tourism Umbrella" establishing Tourism as not just an economic activity with constituent parts but as a human endeavour. Understanding the relationship between the various components of Tourism and its dynamic nature is of vital importance to progressing to more in-depth examination of the subject matter in succeeding years of the Hospitality and Tourism Administration Program.