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Disabilities Issues: Analysis and Research

Course Code DSWP-226
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: As a Developmental Services Worker, you will be involved in a professional field that is dynamic and reflects broad social trends that generate issues. You will utilize a variety of skills to analyze, summarize and share information about issues that impact individuals, families and workers in response to and in creating change. Also since change is a constant in the field of disabilities you will have the opportunity to apply life long learning skills to create and implement a personal learning plan that explores an issue or strategy that impacts individuals with an intellectual disability.Pre-Requisites: DSWP216 Readings In Disabilities; DSWP 217 Field Seminar1; DSWP 218 Field Placement 1. Course Length: 45 hours, 3 hour per week for 15 weeks. Minimum Grade Requirement :C