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Drawing for 3D Modeling and Animation

Course Code CO-109
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week 3
Course Availability: Open

The focus is on developing observational and visualization skills needed for rendering the figure/character, and design of compositional elements for storyboarding. Skills for character design, modeling and animation involve drawing, using knowledge of anatomy, modeling, proportion, movement, expression and abstraction of the figure. Skills for storyboarding - using drawing to incorporate composition of basic elements of design, staging, perspective, camera features, and lighting. Reference will be made to historical and contemporary drawings, and to video and animation. 
Attendance is important, as this course is designed to build upon skills in a sequential fashion. 
As we have unclothed models posing, once classes have begun, the door will be closed to prevent unauthorized entry. The door will not be opened until break time. Students need to maintain a sketch book/graphic journal to record ideas and sketches outside of class, for homework assignments and for notes taken during class time.