e-Business Fundamentals

Course Code ECOM-100
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Description: This course provides an overview of e-business models, strategies, and technology infrastructures. A second course, mandatory in the second semester of the program, will follow on with an exploration of implementation strategies and legal, privacy and taxation issues in Canada. A common theme of all topics discussed is the need to create value for customers in new and innovative ways. The course provides a framework for subsequent analysis by examining various topics within the context of developing an e-business design. Selected business cases will illustrate how e-business methods have been implemented to achieve corporate objectives For the first eight weeks, this course follows a standard classroom delivery model. For the last half of the semester, the class will consist of industry speakers who will speak on topics relevant to course material. The research project and the threaded discussion group will focus primarily further exploration of information presented by industry speakers. The final exam will consist of both materials covered within the first eight weeks as well as material delivered by the industry speakers. Course content is delivered by using class discussion, case methodology, and reference to current periodicals and websites as well as the aforementioned guest speakers. The text is a crucial component of the delivery of this course. Students will add value to the course by their research of emerging concepts and industry solutions.