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e-Business Internship Readiness

Course Code ECOM-217
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course prepares the learner to participate in the program sponsored internship experience and to prepare for future attainment of a position in an e-business/commerce environment. The process of the internship experience will be outlined. The learner must prepare, refine and submit a current resume to use in this process. This product will be evaluated and individual feedback will be provided. Personal inventories of strengths and areas for development, coupled with credentials and experience, will form the basis for preparing a personalized, individual career management plan. The plan will also require identification of a target employment sector or niche and positions, development of a job search plan, a networking strategy and a presentational approach. Employability skills, employment search techniques, professional networking techniques and interview preparation will also be emphasized. The learner will use a portfolio approach to self-representation that will result in the development of multi-media approaches (text and web) for self- marketing. Recruitment professionals will be invited to speak at class sessions to provide advice, and discuss opportunities.