e-Business Project Management

Course Code ECOM-106
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course provides an overview and methodology for managing Electronic Business/Information Systems (IS) projects. All aspects of the project management function are introduced with emphasis on the importance of business communication skills, project proposals, project scope definition, cost justification, work breakdown structure, managing the project, project management processes and tools, and the role of the project manager. The business, technology and relational aspects of managing and delivering projects to meet client needs will be interwoven themes throughout the course. The learners will have hands-on exposure to project management software (MS Project 2000). Using the software, they will create and develop project plans, schedule tasks, assign resources, determine the critical path, evaluate and adjust schedules, and prepare progress reports. Communication of project-related information will be practiced through business documentation forms (letters, memos, reports, minutes) and through oral presentations (supported by audio-visual and print).