Electical Systems

Course Code DATC-307
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This course is design to elevate the students knowledge about major electrical/electronic system found one the vehicle. Students will learn about the heavy duty charging system. Students will cover the purpose and fundamentals of heavy duty charging circuits. This course will cover each component within the alternator itself. Parts such as the alternator windings, diode trio and the voltage regulator will not only be leant about in class but also will be inspected, and test by the students in the lab. Students will learn various techniques for diagnosing and repair of the charging system using manufacturer recommendation and the latest tools found in the industry. This course will also cover the principle and operation of the heavy-duty electronic ignition system. Student will learn about different applications for these ignition systems. Students will also be able to inspect, test, diagnose and recommend repair on heavy-duty electronic ignition system. Student will also learn how to use different types of ignition analyzer to aid in diagnostic and troubleshooting.