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Family Dysfunctions and Therapies

Course Code CYWP-203
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: The role of the Child & Youth Worker has, and continues to, change and evolve where training in family work, family assessment, child management, and child protection has become an essential part of their overall professional training and development. This course will address those changes and focus on the child/youth within the context of his or her family as well as emphasize the broader social, economic, cultural, and community environments. There is a developing expectation that Child & Youth Workers understand and work with the whole family, not just the identified child or youth. Relationships in families are frequently complex and filled with subtleties, historical references, and unspoken rules understood only within the family context. This course is designed to aid the student in understanding the complexity of those relationships and their impact on the development of the child or adolescent. Minimum 'C' Grade, Pre-requisite CYW-111.