Festival Management

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Description: The historical record abounds with examples of public celebrations through the ages. Defining the domain of Festivals and Events is essentially the task of defining public celebrations and applying aspects of intent, scale and duration. At one end of the spectrum, a neighbourhood (urban) street party may be staged to commemorate a significant local event. Proceeding toward the other end of the gamut one encounters pageants the like of Canada Day and mega-events such as World Expositions, as individual as its fingerprint, each genre of event has unique objectives. Some of these Events are annually recurring celebrations while others are short-lived (one-off) events. It is well documented that Festivals and Events are a major catalyst for Tourism world round as evidenced by the membership making up the International Festivals and Events Association. The products and by-products of Event Tourism include not just the events themselves but the packages and tours that make event-related travel more attractive and the desired economic impact that the events stimulate. In addition, Events bring people together for the purpose of celebration, education, marketing or reunion. Over the past twenty-five years, the progressive sophistication of one of humankind's oldest traditions has spawned a modern profession. Known as Event Management, it is a profession that is moving toward standardization through professional certification such as the Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) designation sponsored by the International Special Events Society.

Festival and Events Management will examine the multidisciplinary nature of this profession as well as the unique skill set required of career aspirants to this field.
It is strongly recommended that a student considering Festivals and Events Management as a prospective career path also complete Catering and Special Events Practicum HTAP323.