Final Practicum

Course Code KD-112
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Course Availability: Open

(16 hrs/week or 2 days) 256 hours This course is designed to offer the student the chance to develop skills in working with preschool and school-age children in group care settings. This course will allow the student to connect experiences in the field placement with what is being learned in other courses. The placement is designed to allow each student to gain experience working with preschool and school-age children, to observe the stages of development, plan and implement developmentally appropriate curriculum and fulfill the responsibilities of an assistant. At the agency where the student is placed, two days a week, a qualified Early Childhood Educator will be responsible for role modelling, supervising appropriate interactions with the children, co-workers and parents, and provide feedback. A Centennial College Faculty Field Supervisor will also support the students learning by observing at the agency, offering feedback and assigning a grade for the placement.
Prerequisite: KD106