Fire Equipment

Course Code FIRE-104
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course defines fire and its behaviour from ignition to extinguishment as a result of lack of fuel or oxygen. Fire is studied from both a physical and chemical standpoint. Stages and classes of fire and recognizable events are studied as well as methods of heat/fire spread and the methods used to control and extinguish fire.

The learner will be introduced to the purpose, types, uses and limitations of protective clothing. The learner practices donning personal protective clothing and equipment including maintaining, storing, cleaning and inspecting.

This course covers types and configuration of breathing apparatus and its component parts. Respiratory hazards, limitations of breathing apparatus and emergency procedures are covered. The importance to the firefighter of the inspection, proper donning, operation, maintenance, cleaning, and safety checks is emphasized.

It covers common ropes and knots used to raise and lower firefighter equipment in emergency and non-emergency situations. Types, sizes and uses of ropes are highlighted. Practical experience focuses on tying common knots and raising and lowering firefighting equipment. The course covers types and sizes of ladders used in the fire service and different methods used in carrying, raising, climbing and working on ground ladders.

It covers lighting equipment and its operation in order to provide illumination of the scene and to ensure that all equipment is operated within manufacturer’s listed safety precautions.