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Fire Ground Operations

Course Code FIRE-102
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course provides an overview of the Incident Management System. The content will address the observational, assessment, problem solving and decision making skills required by firefighters. The learner is introduced to the role of the firefighter on route to the fire scene and at the fire scene. Fire cause determination, fire scene security and post incident analysis and review are covered.

It includes an overview of the communication and dispatch system in the fire department. The purpose, procedures and operations of communication equipment will be covered along with the role of the dispatcher and the firefighter.

This section introduces the elements of firefighter survival from a self-rescue and firefighter rescue perspective. Fire ground self-rescue techniques and procedures will be the focus of the information covered. Topics include Mayday procedures, advanced SCBA techniques/procedures, rescue and escape procedures, wall breaches, entanglement prevention and emergency exit procedures all at the awareness level.

This section introduces the rules, procedures and regulations that apply to the driving and operation of fire apparatus. The different types and purposes of fire apparatus and equipment, including tankers, pumpers, aerials and lighting equipment are covered. Pre and post equipment inspection is also covered.