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Fire Suppression 1

Course Code FIRE-105
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course provides an overview of the design and components of municipal water supply systems and rural water supplies, as well as the types and operation of hydrants and methods of determining flow.

It describes hoses and associated appliances used in water delivery and fire attack lines. Causes and prevention of damage and the methods of inspection, maintenance and handling are also covered.

It provides an overview of the water extinguishment theory and the application of water streams at the fire scene. . In particular, the development of skills associated with the selection and safe operation of solid, fog and master streams is covered. The types, purpose and construction of nozzles used to produce fire streams are also covered.

It describes the types, classification system, propulsion methods, extinguishants, characteristics and use of portable fire extinguishers used by the fire service. It also describes the limitations of these devices and the precautions associated with their use.

It also specifies considerations, procedures and precautions necessary to successfully extinguish the four classes of fire and compressed gas cylinder fires.