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Fire Suppression 2

Course Code FIRE-205
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course defines ventilation as it applies to the fire service and describes the concepts, types, procedures, precautions, and equipment associated with ventilation operations.

It defines forcible entry, covers the reasons for forcible entry, tools and techniques required, and discusses the various points of entry to buildings.
It provides an overview of search and rescue operations. The importance of information gathering is highlighted including the use of pre-plans to determine likely victim location. Search patterns, victim stabilization and removal, safety, hazard recognition and inter-agency co-operation are stressed

This section describes the purpose and benefits of salvage and scene assessment as well as the tools and equipment used and procedures to follow during salvage operations.

This section defines overhaul and describes the reasons for, as well as procedures and precautions to be observed when performing overhaul operations. The duties and responsibility of a fire watch are also covered.