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Fuel Systems

Course Code DATC-208
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week 1
Course Availability: Open

This course is design give students a firm understanding of how a high pressured diesel fuel injection system works. Students will learn the principles and operations of a high pressure fuel system as well as the advantages of this system. They will gain hands on knowledge of how to diagnose, inspect and repair these systems using not only mechanical tools but electronic service tools as well. Students will study the operation of the Electronic Unit Injection system in detail. They will gain knowledge about the superiority of this system over a mechanical control fuel system. Students will also learn how the fuel to the engine is governed both mechanically and electronically. The will learn about fuel metering and fuel timing and their effects on engine performance and emissions. Students will study the function of a mechanical governor system as well as how to use an electronic service tool to aid in the diagnosing and repairing of the new age of electronic fuel system. Although Diesel fuel is most prevalent in this field, gasoline and alternate fueled system is also found in the industry. For this reason students will study the purpose and fundamentals of gasoline and alternate fuel system. They will study the operating principles of these fuel injection systems. They will also learn how to identify the different types of fuel system and how to inspection, test and diagnose or recommend diagnostic procedures on gasoline and alternate fuel system.