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Guiding Young Children

Course Code ECEP-123
Lecture hours per week
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Course Availability: Open
Description: Young children share a joyous amount of energy and inquisitiveness as they encounter their world. They need to explore, question and sometimes even challenge their environments and the adults who share in the responsibility of guiding their growth and development. Knowledge of the natural stages of child development is the most powerful tool that adults have to successfully guide children through the process of building self-esteem and learning self-discipline. Since every child has unique needs, no single guidance strategy will be appropriate for all children at all ages. Imitation, or modeling, is a key element of learning in the early years, so how adults cope with the stress and frustration of handling children’s behaviours will be critical. The purpose of learning effective child guidance strategies is to support and direct the growth of positive life skills and not to just bring about the immediate control of annoying behaviours. This course will support the student's understanding of the role that the early childhood educator and the childcare environment play in creating an atmosphere of trust, support and encouragement for children. Our ultimate goal when guiding young children is to enhance their development or responsibility, self-confidence, and self-control. A variety of teaching strategies and in-class experiences will support the students learning towards a shared understanding of the course content.