Human Resources for Hospitality and Tourism Administrators

Course Code HTAP-152
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Description: A successful hospitality and tourism firm requires financial resources, (investment, capital, cash), physical resources (buildings, equipment, machines) and human resources (people). For the hospitality and tourism industry, in the foreseeable future, human resources are perhaps the most important.

Traditionally the human resources managers, supervisors and employees are responsible for bringing employees into a company, orienting them to their place of employment, helping organize the training required to do the job, paying them properly and fairly, solving work related problems and improving employee moral. However the increased number and complexity of government regulations, the diversity of the workforce and the growth in the international competitive market are changing the nature of how hospitality and tourism firms do business. These changes impact on human resources management and the human resources department's role in the organization.

This course is designed to introduce you to a variety of tasks and functions of a human resources department employee, administrator and manager in the current hospitality and tourism business environments.