Strategic Human Resources Management

Course Code HOTL-702
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This course focuses on processes central to Hospitality Human Resources Management (HRM) as staffing, employee training and development, appraisal and reward, and career planning in effectively employing an organization’s human resources toward the accomplishment of organizational goals and business strategy. The emphasis of the course is on every manager's responsibility to manage human resources, staff reporting and the course will focus on, through the use of case studies and exercises, issues such as employee motivation, conflict resolution, performance management, labour relations and negotiations.

This course develops a better understanding of the components of the industrial relations system and how they relate to one another and provides the student with a basic understanding of how Canadian labour has evolved to its current structure; it examines the current economic social and legal environments facing industrial relations in Canada and how these characteristics may influence the strategies of union and management, the nature of the bargaining process and, ultimately, the outcomes of the industrial relations system.  It examines collective bargaining and analyses compromise, conflict and other features of the negotiation process. Discussions of the components of industrial relations are directed towards hospitality cases in Canada throughout this course.