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Interviewing and Counselling Skills

Course Code AMHW-301
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week 3
Course Availability: Open

This course builds on the practice skills and theoretical knowledge learned in the course “Introduction to Professional Practice Skills”. Through in-class simulations and case studies derived from students’ addiction and mental health Field Placement experience, students will further examine and apply theory and skills that inform practice at micro, meso and macro levels, including work with families and kin. Students will also further develop their screening, assessment and case management skills in areas of risk, needs and resiliency assessments and crisis interventions for people with addiction and mental health issues. This course will also provide students with an IPE (Interprofessional Education) curricular experience and integrate important self-care strategies throughout. Critical reflection and application of theory to field practice experiences will be used to inform the development of advanced practice competencies.