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Introduction to Fire Service

Course Code FIRE-101
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course provides an overview of the Ontario fire service, the professionalization process for firefighters in Ontario, fire and emergency services organizations, and the roles and responsibilities of employees. In particular, it focuses on the knowledge, attitudes and skills required of a professional firefighter. Legislation and firefighter safety practices are emphasized. In addition this course will focus on the leadership and legislative roles of the firefighter as they pertain to performing public education, public relation activities, public fire and life safety activities.

Content in this course focuses on the professionalization process and the role of the firefighter. Included is a provincial overview of the fire service as it has evolved historically to the present day. Legislation, ethical, and legal requirements of today’s professional firefighter are highlighted. The knowledge, attitudes and skills required by a professional firefighter are covered. Hiring criteria, career planning and professional development are examined. The role and responsibilities of the Office of the Fire Marshal, the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, other associations and unions are also highlighted.

This course provides an overview of the goals, responsibilities and accountabilities of municipalities and their fire/emergency services department in providing fire and life safety to their communities. The fire department, its organizational structure and functional divisions will be covered. Factors impacting evolution of the changes in the mandate and role of the departments and their members will be incorporated.

This course covers firefighter safety principles and practices as well as Occupational Health and Safety principles and how they apply to a comprehensive health and safety program for the fire department. The learner will complete a Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) course by the end of this section.

This course will focus on the firefighters’ role in performing public relation/education activities such as promoting public fire and life safety, home safety inspections, providing assistance, participating in special activities, performing demonstrations and consistently projecting a professional image in order to enhance the public’s perception of the fire service.

It is understood that throughout the firefighter’s training he/she will deliver public presentations to large groups as an assigned activity.