Introduction to Hospitality Operations

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Hospitality is Canada's second largest industry and globally represents a potent economic activity. Encompassing all components of Travel & Tourism consumption, investment, government spending and exports In 2007 the World's Travel & Tourism Demand is expected to generate some CDN$7,060 billion of economic activity worldwide, growing to CDN$13,231 billion by 2017. The world's Travel & Tourism Industry is expected to contribute 3.6 per cent to gross domestic product (GDP) in 2007 (CDN$1,851 billion) and the employment is estimated to reach 231.2 million jobs, representing 8.3 per cent of total employment worldwide (1 in every 12 jobs). By 2017, this figure is expected to rise to 262.6 million jobs, accounting for 8.3 per cent of total employment

This course will provide an introduction to the various facets that come under the "Tourism Umbrella" establishing Tourism as not just an economic activity with constituent parts but as a human endeavour, but understanding the relationship between the various components of hospitality, with emphasis on the Hotels and Resorts.

This course will also examine the various components of the international Hotel and Resort industry, the structure of the hotels and resorts, hotel and resort product segmentation, global market trends, identifying leading hotel and resort companies and consortia, analyzing their development strategies and discuss the key issues that will affect the industry over the next decade.