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Introduction to Media Engineering

Course Code EMSD-702
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

This program presents a vision of the new field of Media Engineering Design Integration. It presents an overview of the development of media technology from the development of the printing press and relates the parallel advances in media communications and culture with technology development.

In this cultural overview, the student will 

  • Explore the significant electronic & automation engineering milestones in technology development and assess the effect they have had on modem media communications 
  • Be able to discuss the methodologies of the engineering and media design professions 
  • Be able to describe how technology has influenced the growth and forms of media communications 
  • Analyze the reasons for media successes and failures in the marketplace, where technology innovation intersects with consumer and industry needs 
  • Assess current issues regarding privacy and copyright arising from ubiquitous media interpret the patterns of media technology development and predict future trends