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Mechanical Drafting 1, CAD

Course Code MT-101
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: The dual purpose of this 2D drafting course is to introduce students to basic mechanical drafting conventions (CSA standards) while familiarizing them with the fundamentals of the AutoCAD computer-assisted-drafting program. This course places an emphasis on hands-on experience. It is designed to simultaneously introduce both essential drafting concepts, principles & procedures as well as those AutoCAD software commands and functions which are necessary to allow students, with no previous knowledge of the program, to become competent and capable operators. Weekly instruction will be given in two parts: a two hour theory session and a three hour lab session. Theory sessions, which will be held in classrooms, will involve a lecture portion as well as individual manual sketching. The lab sessions, which will be held in one of the Mechanical CAD labs, will consist of approximately ½ -hour of software theory and 2½ hours of hands-on lab practice. All in-class exercises (which sequentially build upon each other) are designed to provide the student with the necessary practice for skill development by incorporating mechanical engineering graphics and AutoCAD commands while reiterating the CSA drafting standards discussed in class. It should be noted that these exercises are intended to be completed and submitted by the end of the class or at the start of the next session.