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Mental Health Management

Course Code WELL-731
Lecture hours per week 3
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: Mental Health Management (4 hours)
This course will provide an overview of the psycho-social risk factors that exist across the mental health/mental illness continuum.  The course will examine what types of physical and emotional behaviours are associated with mental health/illness, key signs and symptoms, myths and assumptions and the impact of mental illness on individuals and workplaces, through three different course modules.  In the first module, students will examine mental health from a societal perspective to uncover the "big picture" of mental healt issues existing across the population.  Secondly, the course will investigate the occurence and impact of mental health/illness in the workplace, and thirdly, students will explore the management of mental health/illness in the workplace and what role the wellness professional can play as part of a larger team in holistic mental health management.  Mental health promotion will be explored through an examination of various mental health assessment tools, personal screening tools, peer support models and latest research to assist the student in understanding how mental health is measured an addressed in the workplace.