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Municipal Cultural Planning

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Description: Municipalities are beginning to adopt a new set of assumptions about local and regional cultural development called Cultural Planning. This approach features place-based planning that embraces a whole-system perspective on creativity and culture involving myriad local stakeholders and addresses the interrelationships among different facets of local culture. Vibrant, authentic places bubbling with lively cultural and entertainment options are magnets that attract and retain creative people. This creative workforce in turn generates wealth in an expanding knowledge economy.

A report entitled Ontario in the Creative Age commissioned by the Government of Ontario and released in 2009, links Cultural Planning to economic prosperity as enunciated in the following excerpt… “Ontario is well positioned for the transformation to the creative age… We need to remake and retune our economy to higher levels of performance by unleashing our creative potential, capturing our diversity advantage, opening creative opportunities for all and building geographic advantage.”

Integrating culture with the formal policies, plans and investments of local government is central to Municipal Cultural Planning (MCP). The ideas and methods of MCP recognize that cultural resources must be defined broadly to encompass much more than just the traditional 'arts and culture’. This course introduces MCP as an integrated body of theory and practice explores core MCP concepts and tools and their application in several municipal settings.