Oracle DBA Fundamentals II

Course Code COMP-452
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: This course give the Oracle database administrator (DBA) a firm foundation in fundamental database administrative tasks. Students learn about loading and transporting for databases, and the utilities used to perform these activities. Students are also introduced to networking concepts and configuration parameters, as well as how to solve some common network problems. In hands-on exercises, students onfigure network parameters so that database clients and tools can communicate with the Oracle database server. This course also addresses backup and recovery techniques, and examines various backup, failure, restore and recovery scenarios. Students also examine backup methodologies based on business requirements in a mission critical enterprise. Students use multiple strategies and Oracle Recovery Manager to perform bacjups, and restore and recovery operations. This course includes two interactive workshops that provide participants with the opportunity to walk through numerous real-world networking, backup, and recovery case studies.