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Pathways to Success

Course Code GS-150
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week 3
Course Availability: Open

Pathways to Success provides an opportunity for learners to explore career directions and other post secondary education options related to their personal identities, traits and interests. Learners will explore and enhance their self-management and academic competencies necessary for success in their academic and personal life.

Pathways to Success is a seminar based course where students will become self directed learners. The learners will be supported by a faculty Coach/Mentor. Learning will be individually based along with group learning activities in addition to a combination of interactive on-line materials and one-to-one coaching sessions. This course will be the foundation for developing the required Global Citizenship and Equity portfolio. Given this will be the foundation course students will have an opportunity to make connections across the various disciplines within their program. For example the course will help students relate ideas from Concepts in Humanities to this course and other courses in their program.