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Positive Guidance Strategies

Course Code ECEP-227
Lecture hours per week
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Course Availability: Open
Description: Building friendships is one of the most important developmental tasks children face. That process requires the child to have established a positive sense of self and awareness of others while he/she develops skills with peer groups, maintains play, makes friends and resolves conflict so that the interaction may continue in a positive way. It is an exciting process and yet a very complex one, both for the child and the teacher who has a key role in facilitating it. This course will assist the student in developing the ability to be sensitive to the child’s interests. Students will also understand the child’s need for interaction and support, and will learn to use a variety of developmentally appropriate positive guidance strategies. A philosophy of problem solving will be emphasized recognizing that children are children, but they can be active members in solving their own problems, learning to accept responsibilities and communicating with others.