Post-Production 1

Course Code FLMA-705
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Good editing is crucial to the success of every film and television show. This course will be valuable for any student who wants to gain a clearer understanding of the role of the editor as an artist, a technician, and a collaborator, along with a foundation in the software platforms in use by professional editors today. Aimed at editors and non-editors alike, the course will be valuable to any student pursuing directing or producing who wants a better understanding of how the post-production work flow functions. The course focuses on what editors do, both how they do it and why, delving into the methods, objectives, and technical aspects of post-production. The course follows the editing process from start to finish.  Starting with reading a script and reaching an understanding of how the director plans to execute that script, to how the actors interpret the script and, finally, what choices need to be made to extract the best structure, the best performances, and the best pacing and rhythm for the film or tv show itself. Students will also screen edit sequences of successful films and tv shows.