Course Code JOBS-222
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Course Availability: Open
Description: This course is taken by students during the third semester of the computer programmer program and is intended to prepare the student to undertake a productive job search in the current job market. While students learn to evaluate the job market locally, and throughout Canada, routes to seeking employment globally will also be discussed. The student will produce a marketable resume and cover letter. In addition, emphasis will be placed on identifying career-related entry level job opportunities and defining career goals. The importance of life-long learning is stressed and articulation beyond college diplomas will be discussed. Students will role play the recruitment and selection process with the selection of a target job opportunity, submission of a resume and accompanying cover letter, and attend a mock interview with their professor. Feedback on performance in the interview process is provided. The importance of networking as an element of a successful job search is highlighted. This all leads to their job search process during the last third of the semester.