Project 2

Course Code EMSD-711
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open
Description: In this program, students in pairs will develop the concept for a product or service, in an area that
integrates media communications and engineering requirements They may continue with the project that was successfully presented In Project One, or start from scratch with a new team and concept

Learning Outcomes 
  • Prepare a business plan for the development of the product from prototyping to manufacture, including market research and competitive analysis 
  • Study types of financing available, rights and patent issues, international trade issues and incentives, options for manufacturing versus licensing, and compile a business plan 
  • At each step in the development of their project, be coached in industry standard project management protocols and Techniques
  • Develop documentation to define the scope, resources, time and cost parameters of the project and the quality control measures being employed 
  • Assess the outcome against their projections 
  • Objectively monitor another student's project to completion