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Screenwriting 2

Course Code FLMA-711
Lecture hours per week
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Students will be given the choice of writing a feature film screenplay, an original pilot for a half-hour, a one-hour tv series or a web series, or a spec script for an existing tv show. The course will examine the structure and storytelling techniques needed to work in each of these formats. Those students choosing to write a feature film screenplay or an original pilot will start by presenting their premise, characters and storylines to the instructor and the rest of the class before moving on to an outline and the script. Those students choosing to write a spec script for an existing show will begin by pitching their story ideas, writing an outline and then moving on to the first draft of a script. Each week students will read scripts from current movies and shows or watch movies and shows to study their character development, structure and plotting. Students will learn what financiers, producers, showrunners, directors and lead actors expect from a screenwriter and how to develop strategies for a successful screenwriting career.