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Service Oriented Architecture 1

Course Code SWS-801
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Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Service oriented architectures (SOA) offer an approach to meeting challenges that IT departments have struggled with for decades: how to decompose large applications into reusable components and how to integrate distributed and disparate systems into flexible and agile enterprise-wide IT systems. The Internet and the wide-spread acceptance of XML are enabling technologies for Web services, and Web services are the key to implementing an SOA.

This course introduces the concepts of SOA and Web services. It explores the impact adopting an SOA not only on IT infrastructures but also on the way companies operate.  It explores the ever growing and evolving set of SOA- and Web services-related standards.

Practical exercises explore approaches to adopting an SOA. Programming labs create, publish and consume Web services. Hands-on work mostly uses the Java Enterprise Edition but the course discusses interoperability with .NET and other platforms.