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Social Policy and Legislation: Addiction and Mental Health (Blended/Online)

Course Code AMHW-200
Lecture hours per week 2
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Students will discuss social policies relating to addiction and mental health from a structural analysis framework to distinguish between personal troubles and public issues, with particular attention to stigmatization of people with addiction and mental health problems, as well as access to appropriate care and treatment resources/supports. Students will explore national and provincial policy development focusing on drug policy, mental health reform, and the implications of Canada’s and Ontario’s Addiction and Mental Health Strategies and enforcement (criminal justice system) responses, within the context of political processes and social and economic forces. In addition, the course addresses the impacts of legislated colonization and oppression of Canada’s First Peoples and the impacts of inter-generational trauma. This course will provide a beginning knowledge base for developing and implementing system-level interventions and advocacy in the addiction and mental health field.