Television News

Course Code JO-317
Lecture hours per week 45
Lab hours per week
Course Availability: Open

Welcome to Observer TV News, Centennial College’s advanced television newsroom. This course will give you the video journalism skills needed to work in a multi-platform news environment. Whether you need to cover stories for a traditional television news station or for an online news website, you will learn how to shoot, edit, write and produce them. You’ll also be staffing a live- to- air weekly news program where you will anchor & work behind the scenes. In 15 weeks, you will learn to write to pictures, how to cut highlight reels and short voice-overs (which are a requirement for any entry level job in a TV newsroom). You’ll master television field reporting, videography and Final Cut editing software. You will also conduct TV interviews and perform on camera as you anchor news, sports, entertainment and commentary. You will use a TelePrompter. Minimum C grade is required to pass the course.