Monthly Courses

The Online Learning experience provides a way for students to meet their educational and specific learning goals. Each course enables students the flexibility to communicate with their instructor by email, phone, or regular mail. Choose from the variety of monthly courses listed below.

Course Code Course Name
ACCT-112 Financial Accounting I
ACCT-221 Financial Accounting II
ACCT-226 Taxation I
BUSN-331 Business Law
CEAM-919 Automotive Service Advisor 1
CEAM-963 Automotive Service Advisor 2
CEBW-201 Writing Grammatically
CEBW-301 Business Writing Strategies
CEIL-816 Java Introduction
CEIL-820 Intro to HTML Programming
CEIL-821 HTML Programming Intermediate
CEIL-823 Java Intermediate
CEMG-940 Introduction to Project Management
CEMG-941 Project Management Scheduling Software
CEMS-981 Word
CEMS-982 Word - Advanced
CEMS-983 Excel
CEMS-984 Excel - Advanced
CEMS-985 Access
CEMS-986 PowerPoint
CEMS-987 Access - Advanced
CERC-101 Intro to Relocation - Cerc Level 1 - Register
CERC-102 Domestic Relocation Policy Development and Program Delivery - Register
CERC-103 International Relocation - Register
ECON-103 Macroeconomics
ECON-104 Microeconomics
GNED-129 Principles of Human Behaviour
GNED-130 Sociology
HRMT-301 Human Resource Management
HRMT-302 Recruitment and Selection
HRMT-307 Human Resource Planning
HRMT-308 Labour Relations
HRMT-310 Occupational Health and Safety
HRMT-311 Compensation and Benefits
HRMT-312 Employee Training and Development
HRMT-317 Managerial Accounting for Human Resources Management
MGMT-222 Management Principles