Centennial College will resume limited in-person lab instruction using a phased approach beginning on July 6

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With Part-Time Learning, you get the education you want, when and how you want. Advance your career with over 1,300 courses and programs, taught on the weekends, in the evening and through online courses, all to accommodate your learning and schedule needs.

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Instructor-led study for those who can’t attend on-campus classes on a regular basis. Online Learning gives you the freedom to achieve your personal education goals in a way that's accessible and convenient. Work through course material and assignments in your own time and space.

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Withdrawal and Refunds

Learn more about deadlines to withdraw and if you are eligible for a refund.

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centennial testimonials

This program have taught me how to be more understanding to others and not to be so judgmental of people who choose to recover in their own way. This program has also opened my mind to the harm reduction model and has taught me to practice how to meet people where they are at instead of forcing my views and belief onto other people. I work in the addiction field and I want to be able to help many different people, and this course has allowed me to learn these qualities. It helped me in understanding the importance of listening skills, being non-judgmental, and showing empathy towards people and their living. It gave me a significant insight about life. Every class challenged me and made me stronger each day. David B., Addictions Work: Professional Practice Skills, Graduate