Centennial College has resumed limited in-person lab instruction using a phased approach


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Program Officer – Part-time Learning

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Dr. Meera Mather
Chair, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Introduction to Cannabis Studies (CNBS-101)

This introductory pre-requisite course for the program explores various aspects of the cannabis industry including the history and emergence of cannabis legislation and regulations in Canada. This course includes a review of cultivation operations and processing fundamentals such as roles and responsibilities in licensed cannabis facilities, an introduction to the legal and ethical concepts of product quality and compliance within the context of Health Canada regulations as well as critical issues related to employee, customer and patient demands. By the end of this course, students will have developed foundational knowledge of the cannabis industry that will expand their familiarity and knowledge of professionalism and production for this rapidly expanding sector.

Cannabis Law (CANA-300)

This course provides a broad introduction to the federal and provincial laws governing cannabis cultivation, production, distribution, possession and use in Canada. The emphasis is primarily on cannabis recreational and medical use in Ontario with selected references to practices in other jurisdictions. The learner will become familiar with specific areas of law and will apply concepts and terminology to solve problems related to the authorized recreational and medical use of cannabis.

Cannabis Cultivation Theory (CNBS-102)

This course allows students to develop knowledge of cannabis plant anatomy and maintenance. Students will examine cannabis cultivation terminology, different cannabis strains, learn indoor and outdoor, micro cultivation techniques, grow room setups as well as study growing media, nutrients, lamps and other equipment. Students will also practice identifying plant diseases, deficiencies, and the essential considerations for plant maintenance.

The CNBS-102 course should be taken simultaneously with Cannabis Cultivation Systems course (CNBS-103).

Cannabis Cultivation Systems (CNBS-103)

This course will be offered offsite at a licensed facility. Students will explore the various systems that ensure consistency of process, materials being used, and quality of product including nutrient systems, and inventory and ‘seed-to-sale’ systems. These systems utilized at a licensed cannabis facility ensure the rapid and efficient tracking of batches, maintenance of all cultivation activities and labels, which guarantee the full traceability of plants to the source. Throughout the course, students will maintain business and professional ethics and adhere to regulatory compliance requirements enforced by Health Canada. 

The CNBS-103 course should be taken simultaneously with Cannabis Cultivation Theory course (CNBS-102).

Cannabis Processing Theory (CNBS-104)

Students will learn how to support the operations required at the end of cannabis plant growth cycle, including inventory control, advancing growth from seedling or cutting to the vegetative stage and ultimately the flowering stage. Students will compare different forms of pest control as well as learn essential skills, techniques and equipment required for harvesting cannabis including all the steps in a process flow, such as trimming, drying, and curing and packaging to ensure a clean, reliable final product.

The CNBS-104 course should be taken simultaneously with Formulation of Cannabis Products (CNBS-105).

Formulation of Cannabis Products (CNBS-105)

This course will be offered offsite at a licensed facility. Students will focus on the new classes of cannabis, including extracts, edibles and cannabis topical products. Throughout this course, the students will explore dosing, onset and technologies used in the formulation of cannabis products. Topics include batch record requirements, good production practices (GPP), analytical testing and certificate of analysis, and the standard operating procedures required to produce such products in a regulatory environment.

The CNBS-105 course should be taken simultaneously with Cannabis Processing Theory (CNBS-104).