While our campuses remain closed to most students/staff, many services and supports are offered online via our COVID-19 Information Centre.

Online Programs

Online Programs

The Online Learning programs enable students the ability to work on their experience anytime, anywhere. Our online programs are listed below.

*There are no extensions for online courses, so please make note of your start and end date.

Program Code Online Program
1621 Food Service Worker
1835 Event Management
7034 Effective Project Management
7035 Applied Management Studies
7036 General Business Management
7046 Microsoft Office Application Support
7049 Professional Sales
7053 Financial Planning
7158 Translation in the Workplace
7165 Criminal Psychology and Behaviours
7166 Medical Transcriptionist
7167 Geographic Information System
7172 Retirement Communities Management
7278 Business Management - Marketing
7284 Business Management - Entrepreneur
7285 Automotive Service Advisor
7298 Business Management - International
7359 Home Inspection
7360 Professional Writing
7361 Office Assistant - Software Specialist
7362 Legal Office Assistant
7363 Medical Office Assistant
7364 Business Writing
7370 Fundraising
7372 Quality Assurance
7373 Business Management - Sales
7374 Educational Assistant
7390 Cisco Networking Associate
7394 Training and Development
7674 Employee Relocation
7831 Organizational Dynamics & Leadership
7836 Quality Control and Standards Maintenance
7934 Ophthalmic Medical Personnel
7982 Thanatology - Practical Approach

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