School of Engineering Technology 

“As an Information Security Professional it is often required to have a certain level of understanding of Network Security.  The Network Security Administrator certificate program provided me with a solid foundation.  The instructor was very knowledgeable with a wealth of experience.  The format and the delivery of the courses were fantastic.  It is sometimes difficult to be work full-time during the day and then attend classes at night.  Because these classes are offered on the weekend, I was able to attend the classes during hours when the mind is at its most alert.”

- Brynna Nery, Network Security Administrator-Part-time 

School of Business

“I was a student in Indra Raghubir’s Human Resources Management Class in the fall of 2014 at Centennial College. In reference to Indra Raghubir’s KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) of the subject matter, I could not have been given a better professor for the semester. ​

Indra was very assertive when it came to her students, she ensured that all material (seventeen chapters) were covered, she ensured that we did not just obtain the lesson from the standard PowerPoint Slides in which most professors like to use in today’s society.

Indra challenged her students with assignments, in-class assignments, group assignments, independent studies and quizzes as well as the final exam. Which I believe were all essential stepping stones to understanding the foundation of Human Resources Management in Canada.

She also made sure that her students utilized their KSA’s in class by researching topics of importance such as the following:

  • Strategic Role of Human Resources Management
  • Legal Aspect of Human Resources Management 
  • Human Resources and the Connection to Technology 
  • How to Design and Analyze Jobs 
  • Human Resources Planning           
  • Understanding the Steps in Human Resources Recruitment Process 
  • Understanding the Steps in the Human Resources Selection Process 
  • Understanding Orientation and its different method of Training Strategies 
  • Understanding the importance of Career Planning and Development 
  • Understanding the 5 Main Steps to Performance Management Understanding Different Strategic Pay Plans 
  • Understanding Pay - for - Performance and Financial Incentives 
  • Understanding the Basic Employee Benefits and Services 
  • Understanding the Occupational Health and Safety Rules and Regulations of Canada 
  • How to Manage Employee Separations: Foundations of Employee Engagement, Communication, and Turnover Management.
  • Understanding the Key Elements of Canada’s Labour Laws
  • Understanding how to manage Human Resources in a Global Business Environment 

In addition to this any assignments that were given in, were always handed back in a timely manner with commentary on how or what you could have done differently to improve or alter certain challenges one meets when working in Human Resources Management.

She also makes her students apply the theory, hands on material, in class lectures, governmental rules and regulations as well as external resources to their assignments; this I felt was a true “light bulb moment for me” as I have been working as a Human Resources Administrative Assistant for four years now, and now I have the understanding of why organizations do things differently from other organizations. I came to the understanding that it is an abundance of external and internal factors as well as governmental stipulations that come into play when having to manage and staff your organization; your objective is to obtain the best candidates that happen to possesses the human capital which will better your company making it more efficient and effective to reach the organizations strategic goal. She is also very fair and happens to understand the work, time, and professionalism in which students put into their work.

I would highly recommend people who are interested in Human Resources Management to enroll in Indra’s class, since I can assure you that you will truly get your money’s worth and more, for she truly rises above her job description in order to facilitate her students.

I would at this time like to thank you for hiring her for she is a true essential and attribute to Centennial College.”

- Starleeta Brown, Human Resources Management


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