Withdrawal and Refunds

Once registered, a seat is reserved for the student and they are academically and financially responsible for their course(s) unless they withdraw officially by the given deadlines. The effective date of withdrawal is the date we receive written notice. Students are not officially withdrawn if they cease to attend classes. Should students cease to attend classes, and do not withdraw officially, they will remain enrolled and will be assigned a "F" or "FNA" (fail) grade. If you are a full-time student, please visit Enrolment Services Withdrawal and Refunds.

Withdrawal without academic penalty

To withdraw from a course without academic penalty (e.g. without a "F" or "FNA" (fail) grade), students must withdraw officially by the midpoint of the course. The midpoint is reached when 50 per cent of the scheduled classes (meetings) are completed.

Withdrawal with partial refund

Once registered, students are academically and financially responsible unless a formal written withdrawal is made by the appropriate deadlines. Should students choose to withdraw, they may qualify for a partial fee refund if withdrawn officially by the following deadlines:

  1. Before the start of the first scheduled class, if the course has five or fewer classes (meetings);
  2. Before the start of the third scheduled class (meeting), if the course has more than five meetings;
  3. 30 calendar days after receiving print-based course materials, which must be returned to the department that issued them at Centennial.

Please note, Withdrawal from Motorcycle Rider Training must occur no later than six hours after beginning the first in-class session.

Accounts refunded

If eligible for withdrawal, you will be refunded all tuition paid, less an course administrative fee. Where the College cancels a course, students receive a full refund.

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