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The Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) program

The Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) program

The Academic and Career Entrance (ACE) certificate program is a tuition-free academic upgrading undertaking that offers college and career preparation, helping you reach your academic goals through essential skills training. The ACE Certificate is recognized by all colleges in Ontario as a high school diploma equivalent. The ACE program offers a number of core course options in mathematics, biology, chemistry and English communications.

Due to the impact of the pandemic on communities, all courses are being offered online during the Fall semester. Our online courses continue to offer robust, interactive and live teacher-led instruction to support you towards your goal.

The Fall semester began on September 7, and interested students may register until Friday September 24. The Academic Career Entrance (ACE) program Winter semester will begin on January 10, 2022, and registration is underway. Please call 416 289-5272 for more information.

Program Highlights

  • Tuition-free courses with textbooks included
  • Courses are offered in 14 week semesters
  • Smaller classes offer opportunities to interact with your fellow peers and dedicated faculty
  • Access to a wealth of free supports such as tutors, learning strategists, counsellors, and employment advisors to help you reach your post-secondary, employment or apprenticeship goals
  • The Government of Ontario funds this Employment Ontario program.

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Course Descriptions


This chemistry course provides learners with a strong knowledge of chemistry as it applies to industry and environmental issues. Emphasis is given to analyzing problems and communicating scientific information effectively. The content of this course reflects the needs of many adult learners entering post-secondary college programs in health and environmental sciences. As such, it allows for learners to complete three core units and two elective units of study. Chemistry Grade 12C equivalent


This course covers a spectrum of biology topics at a level that is comparable to Ontario Grade 11 and 12 biology curricula. The course provides places an emphasis on understanding various biological concepts both from the theoretical and practical perspectives. Students are expected to do a considerable amount of reading and independent study outside scheduled class hours. Biology Grade 12C equivalent


Core Mathematics

Successful learners in this program will be able to perform numeric and algebraic operations with and without the use of technology, estimate measurements, collect, display, and analyze data and effectively defend and communicate their solutions. Math Grade 12C equivalent

Technical Mathematics

The Technology Mathematics course builds on and expands the fundamental algebraic skills mastered in Core Mathematics.  Calculators and/ or appropriate software is an integral part of the course.  The objective of the course is to prepare students to have the necessary mathematical skills to prepare for mathematics-focused college post secondary programs.  Students who have successfully achieved the learning outcomes will be able to apply their skills to solve applied problems involving trigonometry, polynomial/ rational/ exponential expressions, polynomial/ exponential/ logarithmic functions, and the principles of geometry and measurement. Math Grade 12C equivalent


The ACE English course is designed to enhance the full range of writing and reading skills using materials and activities relevant to the learners’ interests and goals. This course will prepare learners to deal with workplace communications requirements or to succeed in further education. English Grade 12C equivalent

Course Hours

Time of Day Hours
Day-time Hours 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Night-time Hours 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM