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English / ESL

English / ESL

The English Department delivers courses to students in the majority of post-secondary programs at Centennial College.  The English curriculum for students in the great is laddered and divided between two largely parallel streams, an ESL one and a non-ESL one.  Most students are placed in a course within one of the two streams on the basis of their performance on the College’s English Placement Assessment. Most students will take at least two English courses as part of their program’s model route, however, some programs require a report writing course, such as ENGL 206 (Report Presentation for Community Service Students), ENGL 253 (Advanced Business Communication), or ENGL 219 (Communication for Automotive Professionals).

The English courses support students in their program areas by developing their communications skills which are necessary for the successful completion of their program, and are required in their chosen careers.

The English courses help to:

  • Develop students’ reading comprehension skills
  • Improve students’ grammar and editing skills
  • Develop and enhance students’ sentence, paragraph, essay, memo, letter, informal and formal report, and proposal writing skills
  • Develop and practice students’ listening skills
  • Develop students’ speaking skills
  • Develop presentation skills
  • Assist students in becoming self-directed learners through enhancing their communication skills

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