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GNED Course Descriptions

GNED Course Descriptions

Centennial College's General Education (GNED) courses are offered in five themes: Arts & Society, Civic Life, Social & Cultural Understanding, Personal Understanding, Science & Technology. Course descriptions are listed below.

Course Code Course Name
GNED-105 Contemporary Canada: Places, Peoples and Perspectives
GNED-106 Consumer Psychology
GNED-113 Exploring Creativity
GNED-123 Logical Self-Defense
GNED-124 Making Sense of the Canadian Political Economy and Influence in Canadian Society
GNED-126 Occupational Health and Safety
GNED-127 Introduction to Personal Finance
GNED-128 Personality and Growth
GNED-129 Principles of Psychology
GNED-130 Principles of Sociology
GNED-135 Social Psychology
GNED-137 A Wellness Approach to Stress Management
GNED-139 Transcultural Health: A Canadian Sociological Exploration of How Race, Class, and Gender Inform Health
GNED-140 Healthy Lifestyle Management
GNED-144 Developmental Psychology
GNED-147 Ethics in Business
GNED-151 Creative Writing
GNED-159 World Geography for Tourism
GNED-160 Customer Service: A Modern Approach
GNED-162 Propaganda
GNED-169 Popular Culture in the 21st Century
GNED-171 Aging and Society
GNED-172 World Religions
GNED-175 Human Sexuality
GNED-177 Film Art in Action
GNED-178 An Introduction to the Global Experiences of Indigenous Peoples
GNED-179 Mastering the Moment: An Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation
GNED-189 Design Principles and Practices
GNED-190 Growing Up Digital: Living and Working in Canada
GNED-199 Ballroom and Latin Dancing and Culture
GNED-200 Visual Art and Design Portfolio Development
GNED-212 Ethics in Society, Technology and the Environment
GNED-213 Gender and Popular Culture
GNED-215 Visual Aesthetics
GNED-216 Soccer: The World's Game
GNED-219 The Canadian Workplace Experience
GNED-220 Identity & Society
GNED-221 Introduction to Research Design
GNED-222 The Music Effect
GNED-223 Experience the Beauty of Architecture: A Global Perspective
GNED-224 Theatre Studies
GNED-225 Human Longevity
GNED-226 Video Games: Industry, Technology, Society and Impact
GNED-227 Cannabis in Society: Exploring Culture and Controversy
GNED-228 Living in a Post-human World: Ethical and Social Aspects of Artificial Intelligence
GNED-229 Modern Africa: Interdisciplinary Perspectives
GNED-230 Happiness: Living Your Best Life
GNED-250 Stories of First People: Current Issues
GNED-251 Stories of First People: Communities
GNED-252 Stories of First People: Self Governance and Sovereignty
GNED-301 Dynamics of Global Tourism
GNED-302 Energy and Environmental Sustainability
GNED-303 Exploring Identity: Values and Societal Trends
GNED-304 Criminal Justice and Society
GNED-400 Inclusive Leadership Practices: Leadership in Contemporary Workplaces
GNED-401 Inclusive Leadership Practices: Building Capacity for Inclusion
GNED-402 Inclusive Leadership Practices: Creating Inclusive Cultures in the Workplace
GNED-500 Global Citizenship: From Social Analysis to Social Change
GNED-600 Entrepreneurism: The Evolution
GNED-601 Entrepreneurism: The Mindset
GNED-602 Entrepreneurism: The Impact
GNED-700 Breaking Down Barriers: An Introduction to Disability Studies
RNED-129 Core Concepts in Psychology
RNED-500 Core Concepts: Global Citizenship and Equity